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I'm sitting at my desk updating the website and listening to Allo Darlin (who are a small band that I love and had shot a music video for a number of years ago). Queenie Organics is my first venture as a small business, run by myself, and have been trading now for nearly 4 months. In that short time, I have traded at 4 different markets, one pop up shop and partnered with the London Film Festival with in-kind sponsorship. In between all that, we have had issues with suppliers of both ingredients and packaging that we have been managing. It's a good learning curve and the resolution of these issues, coincidently, are coming to a head as the New Year approaches. As for our own resolutions, I have already begun to develop new products with the intention of releasing them throughout 2019. The first of which is a completely new moisturiser for those with oily/combination skin. I have been formulating on and off for a while now but now are fully in the flow of getting it down. We have also be working on a hand cream, a baby balm and a hair cream- the latter of which is pretty much ready to go!

As this is my first venture as a small business of any kind, I have been learning a lot since having taken baby steps these last 4 months. It's been busy and I've loved working on it. Trading at markets is something I found to be surprisingly satisfying. In part because of meeting other traders who sell and make either food or crafts or personal care products- there is a comradery not unlike working in the film industry (see intro)- we also stand out in the cold for many hours! But most of all, I have found that the most satisfying element of this whole process is when people tell me how much the cream works for them or for people they have given it to. To me, it's as good as being the chef at a restaurant and being told how much they enjoyed your Alle Vongole. In fact, it's better. Having shifted my focus of vocation from being a Director of Photography to making, researching and selling skincare was a slow process and has taken more and more of my time than originally anticipated. But I love it and will also continue to shoot when something arises, though it seems the first priority shoot will be a commercial for Queenie! I have been asked why on occasion, I post about Cinematography when this is clearly a skincare brand/product/company. It is not just my vocation but a part of me (the same way that making skincare now is). What one creates is woven into the constitution of whatever that thing ultimately, becomes.

I want to take the opportunity to thank all my friends, family and customers for their continued support, it really means a lot to this start up that operates from my kitchen- and still does! Also to wish everyone some festive joy and hopes for a new year, especially those who are not in a good situation whether it be financial, social or otherwise...




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